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Helen Thomas


Finally got a chance to try the Italian turkey from Nicole one stop sandwiches. I must say, very pleased with this sandwich. Meat melts in your mouth, dipped just right, and the sweet n hot peppers tops it off. Also nice healthy portion.

Thanks! If someone can tag them for me, that would be great

Lacy Noel


Just copped one of these Italian Turkey from Nicole’s One Stop, when I say I’m gonna try not to bite my fingers off I mean it so seriously!!!!!

Denise Whitcomb Harvey


These sandwiches are amazing!!!!! They put subway, Jimmy’s John’s and any other sandwich shop to shame!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!

Comfort Liberian Princess Neal


Have had the sandwiches before and they are pretty tasty!! I would recommend it to anyone who has not had it yet.

Nicholas Fisher


Great sandwich!!! Thanks for coming down to the jail today….keep on coming down sandwich are great and prices are great.

Ethical Dante Hayes


They is the truth they had my mouth dripping for more and more, that’s how good they are.

Tiffany Jones


I have tried many of these sandwiches. I have never been disappointed!!!!All of them are awesome.

June McWilliams


Good for ample portions fresh quality ingredients!!! Prompt on time professional delivery. All of us were satisfied (10 of us ordered) and to get…

BlkprettyGirl McIntyre


The sandwiches are always fresh and good! There’s a lot of meat on the sandwiches, so its soooooo worth your money! I have a few favs…..order from…

Natasha Corner


Hey excellent sandwiches and great customer service!!!! On time and even 3 hours early!!! I’m veturing over from their competitor Kozy korner and I must…

Kodak Ellis


The “Italian Turkey” sandwich was delicious, a great option for people like me whom do not eat pork nor beef. I will definitely be a regular!!!